Keez Clothing is a by-product of the “American Dream”. Keez Clothing produces designs and apparel that runs parallel with current fashion and world events, allowing clothes to be more than fabric, but a statement. The stitches that create this line is what makes Keez Clothing the epitome of what a qualitative product looks like.

Keez Clothing was born from only a dream, which lies in the hearts of people all over world, rich or poor. Morocco Yankee, blessed with the opportunities created by his perseverance, religiously donates parts of his profit to clothe and feed the less fortunate every year, in both the states that gave him his dream and in his home land, Morocco, where it all started.

“ Hard Work Pays Off... “

- “Morocco Yankee” CEO of Keez Clothing
The brand soon sparked and became well known, reaching today’s most popular and influential artists of this era, including but not limited to Ray-J and LL Cool J, appearing on VH1 and todays most popular hip hop videos.
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